My Only Worry About Japanese Politics

Last weekend, I went to vote the Japanese general election. This was my 1st time that I was able to vote the Lower House (The House of Representatives). Since I spent the most of my 20s in Los Angeles. I didn’t really get chance to vote. We had to go through a very complicated paperwork in order to vote overseas. And you had to go to Japanese Embassy or Consulate by yourself to register? Downtown LA? Too much traffic and expensive parking… And you were only able to vote the parties, not the candidiate themselves. However, from this time’s general election, we could register and vote the local candidiate according […]

Forcing Propose Kit (For girls whose boyfriend are slow)

For the girls who has slow boyfriends The Japanese bridal ring retail chain “Virgin Diamond” has released 「強制プロポーズセット」 which means… Forcing Propose Set for 8,892 yen on Aug 7, 2009. (Trademark pending) When I saw the news, I was cracking up. This set was made for the girls whose boyfriends are a little slow. So Virgin Diamond started selling these set to the frustrating girlfriends. The set-ups Once you (girlfriend) purchased the set, they will deliver the kit to your boyfriend’s house. Once he open the box, your boyfriend will see the following greeting card. Congraturations, Ms. XXXX (Girlfriend’s name) applied the our campaign “Suprise Present Campaign ~ Support your […]

Check out the current issue of Rolling Stone (Aug 6)

Check out the current issue (Aug 6) of Rolling Stones magazine (US edittion). And turn to page 72 – “Isolated – Surfing a New Reality” It talks about the surfing move that I was a cinematographer for~! It was a fun memory in Papua, Indonesia last year. —

“Etienne” World Premiere in Vegas on Friday June 12, 2009

“Etienne!” A Story about the little things in Life World Premiere at CineVegas on June 12, 2009 Please join us for the world premiere of our film. I worked as a various role (mainly post-production) for this film. Trailer [youtube=] About “Etienne!” Synopsis copied from CineVegas BoxOffice ETIENNE! is a timeless tale of friendship between two kindred spirits on a journey through life. The catch that makes this tale unique? One of the friends is a hamster. Richard is a shy and boyish college dropout who has just started a new job at a hotel. His best and only friend is his dwarf hamster, Etienne, whom he cares for very […]

The release of concrete5.3.0 Japanese, and the launch of its web site

Usagi Project is pleased to announce the released of concrete 5.3.0 Japanese version, and the launch of our web site on April, 17, 2009 (JST). Due to the language barrier between Japanese and English, Usagi Project made a decision to distribute the package separately from concrete5’s SourceForge account but through our account. If you are interested in using concrete5 Japanese, please visit our web site. We, Usagi Project, will closely keep in touch with the concrete5 core team to make sure that Japanese users continue to benefit from this wonderful CMS. We hope that we can make the world the better place together with the concrete5 core team! […]

concrete5 Member of the Month!

Yay~! I was selected as the member of the month of concrete5 Community in April, 2009. Thanks, concrete5 team and Franz (CEO of concrete5)~! —–

Teigaku Kyufukin Letter has arrived

Today, my family received the letter from Yokkaichi City regarding Teigaku Kyufukin. The letter consists three materials Return envelop English and Chinese instruction The Form which accept or deny your Kyufukin per household member, and where to fill out you bank account English instruction letter followed by Chinese The actual form where you check your household member and fill out your bank account. For more information about Teigaku Kyufukin (定額給付金), read my related posts. “FREE” 12000 YEN to ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discount

Softbank: iPhone Discount for Existing Users

Since February, Softbank began their huge discount of iPhone 3G. Now you can buy iPhone 3G 8GB model for almost free (with 2 years contract) called “iPhone for Everybody Campaign” iPhone for Everybody – Softbank “iPhone for Everybody” for Existing iPhone Users in Japan But this is also a good news for existing Softbank’s iPhone users in Japan. I called Softbank customer support to confirm, and I did renew my contract to reduce my monthly data plan today. Effective on April 1st through May 30, 2009, the existing Softbank iPhone heavy data users will be able to benefit from this campaign. If you are Bought iPhone 3G from Softbank in Japan You subscribe Softbank’s White Plan You […]

BANDAI is planning to hire more foreigners for its worldwide expansion

From today’s (Monday April 6) news of TV Tokyo, “E Morning”. BANDAI, the one of the major toy and TV game company, is looking to hire more foreigners. According to TV Tokyo, BANDAI is seeking to expand their toy and TV game business towards international market more, and they think that hiring more foreign people is one of their plan. The news did not say any details such as what department, what nationalities, or which regions.   They might have wanted to announce their plan only. But this could lead to a good news for those of who love Japanese toys and games under this recession economy. BANDAI – Corporate […]

US Embassy Japan warned Roppongi partying

On March 17th, 2009, US Embassy warned the US citizens who hang out clubs and bars in Roppongi for the drink-spiking incidents. Warden Message – Roppongi Security Notice I’ve been witnessing in the last 10 years that Japanese students in LA were intoxicated and deported. And an American friend had cardiac arrest and passed away in Roppongi. Self-controlling could be one of the big issue for the people who lives in a foreign country, especially the city where there are a lot of fun stuff to do. Now, some bad-mind people had spotted these people and US Embassy noticed the potential danger. Although Tokyo is cool place, and Roppongi is […]