Wasabi Silent Fire Alarm developed by a Japanese Venture

BBC, Nikkei Business Daily and “Gaiya no Yoake” (TV Tokyo’s Business TV Program) reported the invention of a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people. This device is developed by Seems, Inc., a Japanese venture. Seems, Inchttp://www.seems-inc.com/en/index.html The CEO, Naoki Urushibata, began this scent business because of his older sister’s unfortunate death of cancer. He realized that his sister’s body odor started changing as her disease progressed. So he started his company, Seems, Inc., hoping that the technology could discover the cancer in the early stage by diagnosing the “cancer smell” of a patient. Now, Seems, Inc. developed the new technology, a Wasabi Fire alarm. The device blast out the strong smell of […]

The first Indonesian hit film?

This reminds me of “Falan”, the Iranian film. Anyway, I just wanted to post this as a note. Indonesian hit film tells tale of poor kidshttp://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081016/film_nm/us_indonesia

MacBook Pro

I think I need to buy a new MacBook Pro. I think I know why I was born in this world. I think I exist to buy this new MacBook Pro. FYI, I’m not really a Mac Addict. I also owns ThinkPad, and two desktop PCs.

Japan Business Federation said “Japan needs immmigrants”

According to Mainichi Daily Newspaper, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) suggested Japanese government to start easing up the barrier of permanent immigrant policy to prevent from the further population decrease (the decrease of workforce in Japan). The Japan economy is suffering from the lack of workers due to the very low birth rate in Japan. Lately, Japan started accepting Indonesian nurses. Also they have been doing “trainee” programs. But these programs were limited to the temporary workers. Now, the Japan’s biggest business leaders are suggesting pernament immigrants. Keidanren suggests Permanent Immigrants for Japan’s population issue – 経団連:移民受け入れ提言…人口減対策 定住前提にhttp://mainichi.jp/select/biz/news/20081013k0000m020124000c.html For your information, Nippon Keidanren is Japan’s biggest business leader’s organization which former […]

A Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED

According to a various news sources,  at around noon today, a Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED. And then, he was arrested right before 1pm. According to some sources, he and his friend(?) came to Koban (police box) because his friend lost his bag under the moat. And, all of sudden, the guy stripped off his clothes and dived into the moat. Surprised local police started chasing after him, called for backups (a lot) and arrested him. Mainichi News (Japanese) http://mainichi.jp/select/jiken/news/20081007k0000e040068000c.html — I don’t know if he was drunk or not… but I happened to watch the news coverage video from NTV. Yeah, he was naked. But also […]

What don’t you understand about Japanese women (and men)?

Well, not a long ago, I was asked by one of my Japanese female friends that she was getting annoyed by foreigner who’s being asking her out. Even though she kept telling the guy that she had a boyfriend. The guy kept insisting asking her out via phone, chat and emails. She thought that it would be nice to be friend with him. Anyway, I decided to conduct a series of surveys. I’m currently asking Japanese women how they are saying “no” to foreigners. But it’s also interesting to ask the opposite side. Have you ever had hard time asking a Japanese girl out (men also)? Have you ever had […]

Japanese “Costume Play” invaded family photo industry

An Japanese photographer, Masashi Asada published this photo book called “Asada-ke” (Asada Family). This photo book only has the family pictures of Asada Family. This sounds boring, but what makes it very interesting is that he does “simulation” family photo. For example, he made his family wore construction workers uniform, and took a picture at the construction site. He even made his own family look like rubbery, and took a picture looked like a family is picking up the lock of a house. This idea came from his assignment at photography school in Osaka in early 2000s. Asada’s mother works as a nurse at the local hospital. When his father […]

Saw two real gold medals

Last Wednesday, I happened to have dinner with Tomoya Ito, two-times gold medalist at Beijing Paralympic. And I happen to manage his web site. And we happened to have dinner at the Chanko-nabe restaurant which I made web site. Chanko-nabe is a kind of hot pot food originally invented for Sumo Wreslers. Anyway, I was able to see and touch the Gold Medals… Yep. Today, he’s going to compete half marathon. So I’m going to cheer him up. ———- Tomota Ito Official Web Sitehttp://www.ito-tomoya.com Chanko Dining Fujiyamahttp://www.chanko-fujiyama.com ———-

James Tormé, John Atkins Explore Aspects of ‘The Male Vocalist’ at Clazzical Notes, Oct. 20

PRESS RELEASE For immediate publication or broadcast before Oct. 20 (Calendar listing follows main release) Pasadena, CA – Singers James Tormé and John Atkins will present their unique perspectives on “The Male Vocalist” at the next Clazzical Notes performance, Monday, Oct. 20, 7-8:30 p.m. at Caltech’s Ramo Auditorium, 325 S. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, CA 91106. Bubba Jackson of K-JAZZ-FM, will be moderator. Clazzical Notes, presented by The Orchestras of Pasadena, is a free, increasingly popular music series where the worlds of jazz and classical music come together. John Atkins has experienced first-hand the versatility of the male voice during his opera career. In the last six years he has made […]

10/20 (Mon) Asian Stories’ Encore show in Hawaii

I’ve got some news from Hawaii that they will have an encore showtime of Asian Stories at Movie Museum. We love people in Hawaii!! ——————————10/20 (Mon) ASIAN STORIES at Movie Museum in Hawaii again—————————————-Movie Museum3566 Harding Avenue Suite 4 Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 Phone: (808) 735-8771View Map ———-ShowtimeMon. Oct 20 – 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30 & 8:30pm———- D:Ron Oda and Kris Chin. James Kyson Lee (TV’s HEROES; BIG DREAMS, LITTLE TOKYO), Kathy Uyen, Kirt Kishita, Christopher Dinh, Lauren Kim. Jim Lee (Lee), the cheapest Chinese-American guy in all of Los Angeles, is dumped by his girlfriend Katherine (Kim) two weeks before their Valentine’s Day wedding date. In debt and very distraught, […]