Wasabi Silent Fire Alarm developed by a Japanese Venture

BBC, Nikkei Business Daily and “Gaiya no Yoake” (TV Tokyo’s Business TV Program) reported the invention of a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people.

This device is developed by Seems, Inc., a Japanese venture.
  • Seems, Inc
The CEO, Naoki Urushibata, began this scent business because of his older sister’s unfortunate death of cancer.
He realized that his sister’s body odor started changing as her disease progressed.
So he started his company, Seems, Inc., hoping that the technology could discover the cancer in the early stage by diagnosing the “cancer smell” of a patient.
Now, Seems, Inc. developed the new technology, a Wasabi Fire alarm.
The device blast out the strong smell of Wasabi to waken the deaf people in case of fire.
TV Tokyo’s “Gaiya no yoake” (Sunrise of Gaia) broadcasted the interview of a deaf person who was refused to book a hotel. The hotel was afraid of failing to notify the deaf quickly in case of fire.
According to the one test, the deaf person was able to wake up within 20 seconds after the wasabi scent blasting out from the device.
Seems, Inc. is hoping to sell this devices to hotels, other commercial building and eventually to houses.