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  • Quick Let’s Encrypt Installation on Amazon Linux 2

  • Made A Very Simple PHP Redirect Script

    Made A Very Simple PHP Redirect Script

    If you’ve moved (are planning to move) to new domain & you don’t want to simply redirect to new domain.You want to tell your site visitors that your domain has changed. This simple PHP script shows very simple message that domain has changed for set amount of seconds, then redirected to the new domain. It is also render 301 status code. So Google will know your page was moved, too. It will fetch the current request URL, and redirect to the new domain with exact same URI. By the way, it has Japanese text, too 🙂 This post was copied from Readme. If there is a newer version and […]

  • How to delete .DS_Store, .php files recursively

    When you zip files in Mac OS or Windows, it sometime include system files that you don’t see when you were working. When you unzip the files, you see them. You go nuts! Well, you probably set .gitignore to ignore those system files. It will probably be harmless. However, you just don’t want to leave those junk. You will use find command to delete them Delete .DS_Store or ._* files find command is very useful to delete some junk files systematically. Delete .bak files TIPS: Configure your Mac not to save .DS_Store files Have fun.

  • How to set proxy in PHP-FPM

    One of our clients server lives inside of tight security VPC. Therefore, all of our EC2 web server must use HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY. When I try to use Concrete CMS (formally concrete5) to fetch the latest language files from remote server, I’ve got the curl timeout error and couldn’t update the language. So I need to set the proxy for PHP-FPM. If you use Apache’s PHP module or CLI, PHP will use server’s environment settings. However, for php-fpm you must also configure in php.d/www.conf. Checked & tested with Amazon Linux 2 with PHP7.4 installed via amazon-linux-extra. Condition For example, you have your proxy set for both http and https. STEP 1. […]

  • How to filter S3 bucket to download millions of log files

  • Add ID and Password to git with https

  • Japanese mentality is similar to hidden Trump supporters?

    I had an occasion to witness the similarity to Japanese mentality and hidden Trump supporters mentality. Japanese who don’t speak out When Japanese people are having some business and political relationship problem, they don’t really speak out they’re having problem. It’s very rare that they speak out. When they speak out to the public, it’s usually too late. (The problem usually becomes big problem). If you’re a leader in Japan, you need to be able to catch the problem and solve it before it becomes ‘public‘. If you cannot catch the problem before it becomes public, the leaders are responsible. Japanese have a custom to respect others. Usually, Japanese don’t want to look […]

  • Communication gap

    Making film, designing a web site, translating text, It’s all about communication. I am very fortunate to have my profession. I love interacting people and get the information across the world. But sometime, I often struggle when my opinion don’t get crossed to other people. I struggled that I have hard time understanding other people, or accept other people’s opinion. Miss-communication, and misunderstanding are often resulted in the catastrophe. How much I understand myself. How much I can express my opinion to the others. Did I explain stuff clearly? Didn’t I mention the purpose of the conversation. Was the timing of the conversation right? I now have a wife and […]

  • W3Tech says Usage of concrete5 grows by more than 40% per year

    W3Tech says Usage of concrete5 grows by more than 40% per year

    Just found an article from W3Tech, the reputable market research company for content management system that “Usage of Concrete5 grows by more than 40% per year” from Web technology fact of the day on August 8, 2014 It’s nice to see that concrete5 is growing all over the world.

  • Happy New Year 2014

    Happy new year. The holiday greetings of the Year 2014. In 2013, I went through a lot in terms of private life and work. I’m hoping that I can bring my last year’s experience to the next level. I wish I could write more blog post this year… but the frequent blog posts will be the resolution after 2015.