Japanese mentality is similar to hidden Trump supporters?

I had an occasion to witness the similarity to Japanese mentality and hidden Trump supporters mentality.

Japanese who don’t speak out

When Japanese people are having some business and political relationship problem, they don’t really speak out they’re having problem. It’s very rare that they speak out. When they speak out to the public, it’s usually too late. (The problem usually becomes big problem).

If you’re a leader in Japan, you need to be able to catch the problem and solve it before it becomes ‘public‘. If you cannot catch the problem before it becomes public, the leaders are responsible.

Japanese have a custom to respect others. Usually, Japanese don’t want to look down others. They tends to keep themselves quiet. People don’t complain to you.

When a child was bullied by other kids, those kids won’t even tell their parents about the problem and they ended up committing suicide. So the parents must detect the problem without their own kids telling about themselves.

When you’re working as a leader of the company, you must be able to find the problem before your subordinate talk to you. Nobody wants to speak up to your superior. Nobody wants to take the responsibility.

As a leader, you need to do your research, and find the root of the problem to make sure that there is a certain problem.

Then, you execute the solution. Sometime, you need to do something harsh.

I finally started to understand Japanese adult culture, and politics.

Hidden Trump Supporters

Then all of sudden, I came across with this idea.

In this 2016 election, there are so many hidden Trump supports.

They didn’t really express their opinion to the public. US mass media couldn’t be able to follow the trend.

So I think it’s time to look for how Japanese people react to the politics.

Then you may be able to understand why Trump won this election.