MTV is seeking Japanese (American) host for a pilot in NYC

Hi Katz!

It was a pleasure speaking to you. As I mentioned, I’m writing to you because MTV is searching for host for a Japanese game show pilot. I thought that you might be able to might help spread the word among your creative friends out in Los Angeles.

We’re particularly looking for people that have a strong personality and are funky, edgy and stylish. We’re really fond of people whose style is more hipster-ish or punk, such as The Boredoms from Osaka. Here’s a photo:….

If you know someone the embodies this kind of spirit and personality, have them contact me as soon as possible. I really appreciate it! I need to find people now! It’s a great opportunity.


MTV is searching for a host for a fun, Japanese game show pilot. They’re looking for outgoing, articulate, spirited males who appear to be between the ages of 21 – 35 and appear to be Japanese or of Japanese descent. Candidates must possess bold personalities and a devilish sense of humor.

People that exude a lot of enthusiasm, have wicked personalities, distinct styles and possess a unique charm on tape should apply ASAP. The perfect candidate would have a Johnny Knoxville-like appeal. If this describes you, please email immediately. Television credits are not necessary. Improv / comedy backgrounds are a plus.

There will be compensation. is an amazing opportunity for the right talent, so please email with a headshot / pic and let them know why you’d be the perfect game show host. Must be well-versed in the English language. Union and non-union okay. Taping will be in New York.