Communication gap

Making film, designing a web site, translating text, It’s all about communication. I am very fortunate to have my profession. I love interacting people and get the information across the world.

But sometime, I often struggle when my opinion don’t get crossed to other people. I struggled that I have hard time understanding other people, or accept other people’s opinion.

Miss-communication, and misunderstanding are often resulted in the catastrophe.

How much I understand myself. How much I can express my opinion to the others.

Did I explain stuff clearly? Didn’t I mention the purpose of the conversation. Was the timing of the conversation right?

I now have a wife and a daughter.

But I realized that how much I feel close to my wife, or daughter. They still need to tell me what they think and feel. I need to tell them what I think and feel.

Sometime I wonder if the technology would advanced enough to be able to communicate through the minds. Not through, texts, voice, and gesture, language itself could be the barrier. Knowing more than two languages helps me understand my mind. But it’s not enough.

When I look after mya 1-year-old daughter, she always look at me and trying to tell me something. But she cannot really express herself yet.

I wonder if I could see and feel what she feel, so I would understand her feeling.


Anyway, something to share since I wasn’t really posting any article for a while. 🙂