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  • The greatest project ever – “LOSE WEIGHT OR PAY FOR VEGAS!”

    Well.. many people have told me that I’ve gained a lot of weight since I came to LA.So when I was chatting with one of my friends from Cafe Balcony, we came up with the greatest event ever!. So-called…“LOSE WEIGHT OR PAY FOR VEGAS!”. Here how it works. Mika (my competitor) and I will have…

  • Festival Runs

    I just realized that October will be very very very very busy month. The four film have been accepted to six film festivals!!! Oh man. I’m tired of updating my web site So I won’t list the film festivals here. But please check my web site for the detail info. It’s craaaazy.

  • Moving to Burbank

    I just finished moving our office from El Monte to Burbank.A lot of stuff is happening around me too quick! I need a break.I’ll be off Santa Barbara tomorrow for location sound gig for two days….

  • Screening at SONY tonight

    Tonight, we will screen Asian Stories (Book 3) at SONY’s Burt Lancaster Theater. It’s private screening. So nobody can come unless you are invited. But I went to the theater… It’s crazily awesome! The theater is also used for music recording and sound mixing for SONY’s feature films. So it is also equipped with ProTools…


    Yeaaaah!!! Asian Stories (Book 3) has received Audience Award from VC Film Fest 2006. I was very thrilled that my first-time feature editig work was recognized by the audience.

  • First All-Nighter at the new office

    First all nighter at the office today… working for Asian Stories (Book III)

  • Slump

    Re-cutting Asian Stories (Book 3) [web] I’m in the middle of a slump. I cannot just think of right. So, I’m wasting my time writing this.

  • Project Updates

    Currently working for Asian Stories (Book 3) [web] This is Asian American Romantic comedy. I’m working as editor and sound designer. Now Available at iFilm Toe to Toe [Link] worked as DP, re-recording sound mixer now available online