Airbag made for human

From TV Tokoy’s World Business Satellite News, a Japanese safety and medical company developed a airbag for human.

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Safety Life Jacket “Itsumo (Always)” (product page in Japanese)

The device was co-developed by Prop, Chiba University and Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, and sold by Prop, KK.
They designed this device for the elderly or the people who works on high places.
The device is equipped with acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor which is similar to iPhone. If those sensor detects the fall, the it ignites the airbag on your back, and absorb the shock
Only the downside is… it doesn’t look good. And it’s expensive.
It costs 138,000 yen (approx. US$1300) to buy, and it’ll cost 40,000 yen (approx US$380) to exchange the airbag if used.
Yeah, it’s very expensive…. but good idea though.
The company plans to sell this device in the US market.