Japanese Samurai Underwear “Kacchu Panstu”

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A Japanese Apparel, Rogin, announced Samurai-style underwear.

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Photo – Tokugawa Ieyasu Model – CNet Japan
Photo – Date Masamune Model – CNet Japan

Photo – The Armor that is based on Date Masamune Underwear
TV Tokyo’s Business News program E Morning (*)  had an interview of Shiro Nogi, the CEO of Rogin, Inc.
*Earlier post, I wrote “World Business Satellite” but I was wrong. I apologize for the mistake.
According to Mr. Nogi, he released this underwear for the men who are going to have some “fights” ahead, such as job interview or company presentation…. not really for the men who wants to get girls’ heart.
The pricing of these underwear pants are ranging around 8,800 yen (approx US$80).
*Rogin, Inc. emailed me that they reduced the price to 8,800 yen
These underwear are made of medical bandage. So it will fit nice and smooth to your skin.
Each model has the armorial insignia (house symbol) of famous samurai families such as Tokugawa, Date, or Nobunaga families. 
The designer Yuri Otomo went to a several museums to research the characteristics of each family’s armor design, and took them into the texture of each design.
This may be expensive for the daily uses. But if this is for the “fight” to win some company bids or sales calls, maybe it’s worth it?