The 1st Japanese Curry Rice Cooking Contest (in LA)

How to make delicious Japanese curry rice A YokosoNews DadaMoré Live Stream *** DadaMoré [dada-mawle] = no fancy editing. We just show you everything uncut! Thank you very much. We finished this program without any problem. Recorded Video About The 1st Japanese Curry Cooking Contest Japanese curry is the one of the best Japanese food. Katz (Editor of YokosoNews) must eat it once a week! If you are interested in Japanese food, you must know about Japanese curry rice. Because there are more and more Japanese food products available outside Japan. You can now cook Japanese curry rice easier than ever! So we decided to broadcast live how to cook Japanese curry outside […]

No-Holds-Barred! Japanese actors in Hollywood on Ustream

Please distribute! ================================================== No-Holds-Barred! Japanese actors in Hollywood on Ustream DATE & TIME 1st Session English 4/23 (Fri) 7pm – (Pacific Standard Time) 4/24 (Sat) 11am – (Japan Standard Time) 2nd Session – Japanese 4/23 (Fri) 8pm – (Pacific Standard Time) 4/24 (Sat) 12pm – (Japan Standard Time) Date/Time is subject to change We may have to cancel the program due to network issue SUMMARY Japanese actors in Hollywood will gather to talk about their unheard experience in Los Angeles. This is our last minites program. When I was covering Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2010, I met many Japanese actors on-site. And I was able to meet some of […]

Japanese Media in the US ( program) on Ustream

* This program will be broadcast in Japanese. DATE & TIME 4/26 (Mon) 9:30pm – (Pacific Standard Time)4/27 (Tue) 1:30pm – (Japan Standard Time) *POSTPOND SUMMARY Ex-Japanese newspaper reporter, the US producer of Nico-nicko Doga will join JapanExp.Org to discuss media in the US. * This program will be in Japanese. GUESTS – Anne Keehn Half Japanese, and half American freelance journalist. After graduating US Berkeley majoring in Journalism, she has worked in several publication including Mainichi Shimbun & Swimdle Magazines. She is not working as freelance journalist & blogger. – Satomi Imai A US producer of Nico-Nico Doga. She produced a several live shows such as Toyota Senate Hearing […]

Launch of YokosoNews this weekend!? (I hope…)

I’m going to partially launch YokosoNews web site, a JapanExp project this weekend (I hope)… JapanExp is the social media that anybody can join and anybody can contribute. We just filmed introductory video.I hope to update the video very soon. And the first memorial covera of YokosoNews will be…. Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2010! —-

Softbank did it again – Free Ustream Studio, and Free WiFi spots

One of the Japanese cell-phone cariors, Softbank is known for foreigner-friendly carrior. With its innovative mind set is somewhat similar to that of Apple. Today, they did it again. Softbank gained the Japan’s most friendly cell phone company in Japan among Twitter users. From one tweet from Japanese Twitter user to Softbank CEO, Masatoshi Son, Softbank decided to open its company building and invited 2,000 guests to show around the company building. And, one Japanese twitter suggested him to set-up a Ustream studio because Softbank announced to acquire a portion of Ustream share. Son replied immediately that he would do it. 1.5 months later, Softbank built a Ustream studio, and […]

The rise of “Media 2.5”

As a journalist and editor of a several publications, I can no longer ignore the trend of this social media movement. Previously, we had a clear distinction between mass media and personal blog media. However, Twitter, Ustream and YouTube shortened the gap between “mass” and “personal”. This is not the viral marketing. Viral marketing is initialted by individuals. When you pay attention to Twitter’s timeline, I could say that 1/3 to 1/5 of Twitter’s discussion is based on what mass media talks about. So if all of mass media disappeared from this world, Twitter would become 1/3 to 1/5 less interesting. I think it’s time to restructure the style of […]

The World Best Travel YouTube Video about Japan

I just discovered these video series done by egauemon-san on YouTube. I personally think this is ABSOLUTELY the BEST travel video IN THE WORLD!!!!. Why? You just have to watch these in FULLSCREEEN. KYOTO – CRUISE 2009[youtube=] ISE JINGU / JAPAN 2010[youtube=] No annoying host No talking It’s like you are there. Next step, find out wrere, buy an air plane ticket, and be there. —–

Tokyo Sky Drive -Night ver.- 01

Just watch and relaxTokyo Sky Drive -Night ver.- 01 [youtube=] —

Web developers’ memo

Leaving some memo for my new project. Let’s refresh my mind againBest Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site Javascript Tips jQuery LazyLoad is the jQuery plug in to post load the images that are only visible (or delay loading image) Preload Images Sequentially With jQuery YUI2: ImageLoader Social Network Widgets ShareThis AddToAny DISQUS IntenseDebate Social Marketing Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What’s the Difference? —

The day I thought I lost everything

On October 15th, 2006, Driving West on I-10 freeway, after the meeting in Crenshaw and going to the coffee shop in West LA, suddenly, my car stops its engine. It was around Fairfax where it curves slightly to the left. I managed to stop my car at the middle island, didn’t know what to do for a couple minutes. I didn’t have a place to live at that time. I was couch-surfing, staying at Echo Park. Working on a feature film, I chose my life to do what I want to do. I didn’t chose to work for a company. I decided to join a feature film project. We shot […]