The 1st Japanese Curry Rice Cooking Contest (in LA)

How to make delicious Japanese curry rice

A YokosoNews DadaMoré Live Stream

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About The 1st Japanese Curry Cooking Contest

Japanese curry is the one of the best Japanese food. Katz (Editor of YokosoNews) must eat it once a week!
If you are interested in Japanese food, you must know about Japanese curry rice. Because there are more and more Japanese food products available outside Japan. You can now cook Japanese curry rice easier than ever! So we decided to broadcast live how to cook Japanese curry outside Japan!
Although cooking Japanese curry rice is easy if you use pre-made curry paste, ten (10) pe
ople make 10 (ten) different styles of home-made curry rice. It’s fun to taste and talk about how people cook curry their own way. Because it’s easy to make, you can arrange millions of ways. Japanese curry has gained the zen of Japanese food.
If you live in Los Angeles (around West LA), and you want to show your curry rice skill, pleasecontact YokosoNews!
And, even if you cannot join us in LA, you can still comment via Facebook or Twitter from this page!

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Giveaways! Giveaways!

OK. We just bought ALL kinds of Japanese curry paste from Mitsuwa Marketplace.
I bought it to show you various kinds of curry paste.
It looks very sexy and sarisfying. But I don’t think we are going to use them all. So I decided to:

Contest Winner Will Receive The Rest of Curry Pastes!

Tonight’s contest winner will receive the rest of curry paste that I didn’t use.
Katz won!
(wait… I bought these… it doesn’t make sense… hmmm)

The US Viewer Have A Chance To Win

5 different Instant Microwave Curries!

The viewer who liked our YokosoNews facebook page, or follow YokosoNews on Twitter and leave a comment on Ustream will have a chance to win these instant curries!
I will tell how you can win the curry during the show.
@doraerinko won the sweepstake! Congratulations!

Dates and Schedule

Date & Time

5/8 (Sat) 10am~ (Japan Standard Time)
5/7 (Fri) 6pm~ (Pacific Standard Time)


At an apartment somewhere in West LA


1. Start cooking
2. Talk
3. Cook
4. Finish cooking
5. Contestant show up to the apartment
6. Eat & Judge

Where to watch

YokosoNews L
* This will be broadcasted real-time
* Due to some network difficulty, we may not be able to broadcast
* We may spend too much time shopping foods, so any kinds of interruption can happen.