Japanese Curry Rice

Dear Japanese Curry Rice.

You are my reason to live.
If I don’t have you more than once a week, I will die.
If I can have you once a week, I am in the heaven.

Dear Japanaese Curry Rice.

I can have various topping.
Tonight, I choose spicy eggplant.

Dear Japanese Curry Rice.

I can die for you

Dear Japanese Curry Rice

I had Keema Curry today at Japanese Curry chain, CoCo-Ichi.
I ordered extra spicy just for fun (level 5 out of 10)

Dear Keema Curry.

You were spicier than regular level 5 spicy curry.
But I managed to eat you all.
Whenever people feed me Japanese curry rice, I must eat them….

Oh my stomache is still hot.
It’s now 3 hours after I ate that spicy curry.