4th Anniversary

Today, this blog remarks 4th anniversary (including my Japanese one) Yay~. Tiem goes by really fast. I haven’t had time to post much of the stuff since my main concentration is Japanese blog. But this year, I am planning something big about blog and Japan. TBA.

Wanna see Apple’s new tablet (maybe)? “Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5”

Originally from a Japanese article by Masaaki Kandahttp://archive.mag2.com/0000005757/20091207140706000.html First of all, watch this demo movie of Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntyXvLnxyXk]We know that Time, Inc. (The owner of Sports Illustrated) has NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with Apple, inc.And Sports Illustrated dev team appeared to the Apple’s iPhone demo when they released the subscription (in-App Store) option.So Kanda is pretty sure that the reason why Sports Illustrated spent money to create the demo movie.Apple’s new touch device….Kanda added the interseting points. Here is my translation and summary This demo seemed not new. This looks like when Macromedia released Director (Now Apple Director) with the introduction of CD-ROM drive. I don’t really care […]

James Tormé – A Christmas Jazz Concert on Dec 19, 2009

The Nutcracker Swings – A Cool Jazz Christmas Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009 Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm Location: Pasadena Convention Center Street: 300 E. Green Street City/Town: Pasadena, CA A Benefit Concert for the Pasadena Jazz InstituteFeaturing: Pasadena Jazz Orchestra, RedWhite+Bluezz All Stars, Sacred Nation Gospel Choir and PJI Junior Superstars Special appearances by James Tormé, Renee Olstead, Sylvia St. James and Victor Vener[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9MS6fE3CT4]For more information and ticket, visithttp://nutcrackerswings.com/—–

Google Wave for Dummies

I was just invited by Google Wave from a Usagi Project member a couple days ago. Well, since Google team doesn’t always promote their product as well as Apple marketing team. I had a very hard time understanding the potential of Google Wave. But once I got into the Google Wave. I suddently realized the potential. Google Wave is Advanced Chat and Email system without “replying” Or I could just say that it is a whiteboard on the net. For example, in the traditional email system, you: Create proposal/estimate Send an email to your customer/partner Your customer/partner receive email Read an email body / Open an attachment Reply the email […]

“Yeppy” = “Yes” + “Happy”

I came up with some new word. So I suddenly want to spread this word for no reason. “Yes” + “Happy” = “Yeppy” Definition Yeppy [yep-ee] –adverb –adjective, -pi⋅er, -pi⋅est. agreed and delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing the combined emotion of agree and happy Uses A: You have a very good test score. Are you happy? B: Yeppy. Twitter hash-tag Use “#yeppy” when you tweet something you agree and makes you happy

Japanese Curry Rice

Dear Japanese Curry Rice. You are my reason to live.If I don’t have you more than once a week, I will die.If I can have you once a week, I am in the heaven. Dear Japanaese Curry Rice. I can have various topping.Tonight, I choose spicy eggplant. Dear Japanese Curry Rice. I can die for you Dear Japanese Curry Rice I had Keema Curry today at Japanese Curry chain, CoCo-Ichi.I ordered extra spicy just for fun (level 5 out of 10) Dear Keema Curry. You were spicier than regular level 5 spicy curry.But I managed to eat you all.Whenever people feed me Japanese curry rice, I must eat them…. Oh my […]

Fumiko’s Propose – A Japanese students’ animation work

OK. When I saw this, I was stunned. This 2 min animation was produced by the group of Japanese anime students in Kyoto. For your convenience, there is some storyline. Fumiko is a middle school student (?). She proposes Takashi to be her boyfriend. But Takashi refuses her offer since he wants to devote his time for baseball at this moment…. Fumiko gets shocked and shocked… and shocked…… anyway… here is the anime. Without a further due, here you go…. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QqT1P4VO30] Those of whom got confused… it looks like Fumiko traveled around the world, and came back to where Takashi is. And she tried one more time… “I will cook […]

Kyoto World Heritage Wedding for 600,000 yen

Nijo Castle, the one of World Heritage Site in Japan, is now accepting the reservation of the traditional wedding for the 2010 season until the end of this month (Oct 31, 2009). www.nijojo-wedding.jp Nijo Castle was built during the Tokugawa era (completed in 1603) as the residents of Tokugawa Family in Kyoto. In 1994, Nijo Castle was registered as the part of Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Wikipedia). According to the report from NHK program, the City of Kyoto appointed Kyoto Kokusai Hotel to provide the wedding service at Nijo Castle. By opening the door to grooms and brides, the City of Kyoto hopes everyone to be familiar with the […]

Japanese online audience are similar to TV audience

In the response to CHART OF THE DAY: Lunchtime Is The New Primetime http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-lunchtime-is-the-new-primetime-2009-10 A Japanese blogger posted this reply The US’s new Primetime is Lunchtime, how about Japan? http://adinnovator.typepad.com/ad_innovator/2009/10/国内アメリカのゴールデンタイムはランチタイム日本では.html Japanese online prime time for online video is very similar to TV. Between 9am-10am, and 7pm-11pm. The Japanese work environment is very strict, and they are very careful about using somebody else’s computer and typing credit card information. Therefore, there is virtually nobody who spent their lunchtime using the work computer watching online videos, or shopping. So what do they do during the lunchtime? They use their cell phone~! Japanesen cell phone can watch TV, buy stuff online and play […]

16,000 yen for New York and 21,000 yen for LA from Japan!!!

UPDATE (9/16 6pm JST): The ticket has sold out… the links below are no longer valid. I’ve been researching an air ticket for my travel from Japan to USA. And I found a craaaaazy travel agency. Their name is Skygate. It’s Japanese online travel agency…. And I started subscribing their newsletter. Just now, I received their newsletter…. 16,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – New York http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171599D&S1;=priceViewByGoods 21,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – Los Angeles! http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171602D&S1;=priceViewByGoods Well, the cheap ticket always has the restriction. New York ticket: (Product ID 171599D) CANNOT select which airline MUST leave between Sep 23-30. MUST be 5-10 days trip. CANNOT […]