Wanna see Apple’s new tablet (maybe)? “Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5”

Originally from a Japanese article by Masaaki Kanda

First of all, watch this demo movie of Sports Illustrated – Tablet Demo 1.5.

We know that Time, Inc. (The owner of Sports Illustrated) has NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with Apple, inc.
And Sports Illustrated dev team appeared to the Apple’s iPhone demo when they released the subscription (in-App Store) option.
So Kanda is pretty sure that the reason why Sports Illustrated spent money to create the demo movie.
Apple’s new touch device….
Kanda added the interseting points. Here is my translation and summary

This demo seemed not new. This looks like when Macromedia released Director (Now Apple Director) with the introduction of CD-ROM drive.

I don’t really care about “intuitive experience”. I don’t think that magazine needs video contents, nor pinching photos slideshow…

Regardless the appearance of contents, Kanda belives that these 5 factors will be the primary key for electric publishing.

    • Serch Function: not only the exact word, but it may want to lead audience via suggestion word and related word.
    • Embed (Share): to Facebook, Twitter, and etc
    • Compatibility: Whether it’s a paid contents, free content or other business models, the article must be able to save onto reader’s device.
    • Communication: 3G Cellphone, WiFi
    • Affiliate: Reader could help to sell the products, and receive percentage from it (like Amazon Associates)

I don’t think the device requires advanced control function like Sports Illustrated demo. All you need is “index”, and “contents.”

For more details, you need to know Japanese… but