“Etienne” World Premiere in Vegas on Friday June 12, 2009

A Story about the little things in Life
World Premiere at CineVegas on June 12, 2009

Please join us for the world premiere of our film. I worked as a various role (mainly post-production) for this film.



About “Etienne!”

Synopsis copied from CineVegas BoxOffice

ETIENNE! is a timeless tale of friendship between two kindred spirits on a journey through life. The catch that makes this tale unique? One of the friends is a hamster.

Richard is a shy and boyish college dropout who has just started a new job at a hotel. His best and only friend is his dwarf hamster, Etienne, whom he cares for very well. When he finds out his pocket pet has terminal cancer, he decides to take Etienne on a bicycle road trip along the California coast so that the hamster can see the world before it dies. Along the way, the two meet various colorful characters that teach them about life, friendship, and happiness.

Evoking the spirits of films from yesteryear and enriched with a phenomenal soundtrack, ETIENNE! is a triumph of pure, innocent storytelling. Its remarkably controlled aesthetic transplants the audience to a nostalgic time free from pessimism. Richard Vallejos embodies the lovable man-child of the same name and infuses him with undeniable charm. Writer/director Jeff Mizushima’s passion for cinema comes out in every frame. He has crafted a rare gem in this day and age…a G-rated art film for everyone.

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