“Hybrid Identity Crisis” — “Tre” DVD Release (From Eric)

A journalist named Ben Hamamoto is writing a piece about my latest film “Tre” being a first with its hapa romantic leads (Kim and Daniel), and hapa writers/director (Kim and me). This clip from the DVD bonus features is the best I have ever done explaining how mixed-race identity folds into the layers of meaning in this film and in others like “Charlotte Sometimes” and “Americanese” that deal with sex, race, and relationships. It was actually said in response to a post-screening question about the “raw” sex scenes in “Tre.” I talked about “hybrid identity” and then worked my way back to answering the question.


This is one of seven chapters in the Director Q&A; bonus feature on the recently released DVD, available here.

Other bonus features include a behind-the-scenes documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Reuben Aaronson, and my student film, “Kenji’s Faith.”

Also this is another clip from the Director Q&A; feature on the DVD:

And here is the theatrical trailer.

directed by Eric Byler
written by Kimberly-Rose Wolter & Eric Byler
Daniel Cariaga, Kimberly-Rose Wolter, Erik McDowel, and Alix Koromzay.
with Teddy Chen Culver, Eric Hackett, and Jackie O’Brien
Cinematography by Rob Humphreys
Music by Michael Brook