McDonald’s Japan began one-week Special Chicken Burger preview campaign

Oh my, McDonald’s Japan started a special “preview” campaign of Chicken burgers.

It sounds really a special …

Special Chicken Burger website

The “preview” campaign started on Oct 1, and ends on Oct 7, 2010. And then, you can buy the chicken at the rest of McDonald’s restaurants.

The types of burgers include:

  • Cheese Fondue [Available stores]
  • German Sausage [ Available stores ]
  • Diavolo [ Available stores ]
  • Carbopnara [ Available stores ]


Available Stores

Only the limited stores sells the limited types of chickens.

Some stores may not sell the burger what you want. Click on the “available stores” link above to check which store sells which burger (you need to know the Chinese character of the prefecture.


Release Date

As on Oct 3, 2010, the release date of these chicken burgers are…

  • Cheese Fondue: 10/8~
  • German Sausage: End of Oct
  • Diavolo : The beginning of Nov
  • Carbonara: The mid of Nov

Enjoy the bit-peculiar-yet-looks-delicious chicken burgers if you are in McDonald’s Japan.