Japan Business Federation said “Japan needs immmigrants”

According to Mainichi Daily Newspaper, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) suggested Japanese government to start easing up the barrier of permanent immigrant policy to prevent from the further population decrease (the decrease of workforce in Japan).

The Japan economy is suffering from the lack of workers due to the very low birth rate in Japan.

Lately, Japan started accepting Indonesian nurses. Also they have been doing “trainee” programs.

But these programs were limited to the temporary workers.

Now, the Japan’s biggest business leaders are suggesting pernament immigrants.

Keidanren suggests Permanent Immigrants for Japan’s population issue – 経団連:移民受け入れ提言…人口減対策 定住前提に

For your information, Nippon Keidanren is Japan’s biggest business leader’s organization which former leaders include Toyoyta, and Sony’s former CEOs.

When I came back to Japan last year from LA. I was very surprised that Japan starts accepting more foreign workers.

I think the USA may be the most “closed” country in the world.