A Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED

According to a various news sources,  at around noon today, a Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED.

And then, he was arrested right before 1pm.
According to some sources, he and his friend(?) came to Koban (police box) because his friend lost his bag under the moat.
And, all of sudden, the guy stripped off his clothes and dived into the moat.
Surprised local police started chasing after him, called for backups (a lot) and arrested him.
Mainichi News (Japanese)
I don’t know if he was drunk or not… but I happened to watch the news coverage video from NTV.
Yeah, he was naked. But also the local police men looked like they were trying to catch a monkey.
They (Japanese police) definitely need to establish translation system. Like carrying a cell phone with a big speaker, so that the translator can persuade the suspect on the way to the scene.