List of English Media In Japan

When I got back to Japan after three years in LA last Aug, I have realized the growing number of foreign workers, and foreign-language media in Japan even in-and-around my hometown.

8 years ago when I first left for LA, there were mostly so-called “blue-color workers” since my hometown is very famous for oil refinary factory, and stuff.

Now I see more white-color foreign workers resides in my hometown. This circumstances completely makes sense why there are rapid growth and demands for English media (or foreign-language media) in Japan.

I did a quick research what kind of English media is popular in Japan. (Only English though).

— General —

Japan Today

Japan Times (The oldest English newspaper in Japan)

News On Japan

Japan News Review

Daily Yomiuri (English version of major Japanese newspaper)

Mainichi Daily News (English version of major Japanese newspaper)

— Business, Marketing and Economy —

Japan Corporate News

Japan Inc

Nikkei Interactive

— Culture and Pop Culture —

Japan Probe

3Yen Japan News

Danny Cho

Akihabara News (Online Web casting in Tokyo) (Also available in Spanish)

— Others —

ELT News (News site for English teacher resides in Japan)