Forcing Propose Kit (For girls whose boyfriend are slow)

For the girls who has slow boyfriends

The Japanese bridal ring retail chain “Virgin Diamond” has released 「強制プロポーズセット」 which means… Forcing Propose Set for 8,892 yen on Aug 7, 2009. (Trademark pending)

When I saw the news, I was cracking up.
This set was made for the girls whose boyfriends are a little slow. So Virgin Diamond started selling these set to the frustrating girlfriends.
The set-ups
Once you (girlfriend) purchased the set, they will deliver the kit to your boyfriend’s house.
Once he open the box, your boyfriend will see the following greeting card.
Congraturations, Ms. XXXX (Girlfriend’s name) applied the our campaign
“Suprise Present Campaign ~ Support your love”
You are the one of lucky 80 winners~!
1st Prize – Vacation Trip to Pacific Islands 3 nights 4 days
2nd Prize – DVD Player plus ten (10) Romantic movies
3rd Prize – Overnight Train partitioned room ticket
4th Prize – For your up-and-coming day, Propose Set
5th Prize – One night Two day Zen Buddhist Tour with Love Lecture from a monk
6th Prize – Aphrodisiac Wine and Pair Glasses kit
7th Prize – Love card game – Game Candy, Special Box
And you have won the 4th prize. Congraturations!
And it follows by the instruction manual

For your girlfriend whom you think you want to be together forever.

From the web site, girlfriends should be prepared…:
If your boyfriend tells you that if he has received something, you must pretend that you don’t know anything.
And if he tells you that he received Propose Set, you should laugh a little… but don’t forget to add… “I hope it’s true.”
And boyfriends will see the following package.
Fake Engagement Ring and Box
From the web site,
” Many girls are suffering from their boyfriends are not able to buy her an engagement ring due to financial difficulty. And many girls are ended up not getting engagement ring.
Therefore, this fake engagement ring will bring a little happiness to the girls by your boyfriend giving it to you.
The ring was made of cubic zirconia which looks like diamond + platinam ring.”
Okaaay. And then next.
Piggy Bank
*** This is not the actual piggy bank that they sell
From the web site
“Your boyfriend can start saving money for your real marriage. It can contain 100 of 500 yen coins, the total 50,000 yen.
If he saved up 50,000 yen, he can buy a real engagement ring from our store. Or he could try to save more and buy more expensive ring.
If your boyfriend think that he does not have anough money to buy you a ring, you could give him this piggy bank.”
Okaaaay… here comes next
Engagement Contract (Promise Paper)
From web site
“This works best with piggy bank. This is the contract that states “I will buy you a real engagement ring”.
It may be best if you kept it where the piggy bank is.
Also when you find your boyfriend spending a little much money, you can show this to him.
Moreover, this contract become discount coupon. If you bring this paper to our store, we will give you the discount of the same amount of this set, 8892 yen, when you purchase the real engagement ring.
So maybe you can spend the 8,892 yen to go out for fancy dinner together after you save the money from us.”
Oh my god…. contract plus coupon… and you get full money back when you purchase the ring!
Moreover, they are doing this campaign.
Full Money Back Gurantee If Your Boyfriend Did Not Propose You by Sep 30
Ok girlfriends, you have nothing to lose.
Buy this Kyosei Propose Set for your boyfriend, so that you guys can finally get married~!
They set the price 8892 yen because
8 = ha, 8 =ya 9 =ku, 2 =ni.
8892 = Hayakuni = Hurry Up.
You can purchase this set at their online store. I don’t think they ship it oversees… but…
Kyosei Propose Set – Online Store (Japanese only)
About Full Money Back Campaign by Sep 30, 2009 (Japanese only)