How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discount

Yesterday, the controversial budget finally finally passed the Japanese Parliament yesterday. The major bills were controversial Teigaku-kyufukin (定額給付金), and holiday discount of highway. 12,000 yen Teigaku-Kyufukin So it is now official that the everybody who legally resided in Japan on Feb 1, 2009 are eligible for 12,000 yen (the 18 and younger, and the 65 and older will receive 20,000 yen). To check your eligibility, look at my older post. The majority of Japanese people are already tired of this topic. It’s been over half year since the government started talking about it. The Japanese people are sick and tired of these already non-sense-and-super-late policy after seeing Taiwan and China […]

Open Source SNS made in Japan

I am currently working on translating a Japanese Open Source Social Networking engine called MyNETS. This system was developed by volunteer group called Usagi Project. And I am one of the developer team as well. And I have done translating most of the mainframe except mobile mode. Now I open the door to the public to test drive. Please help me test the system, and see if I have any errors and/or Japanese left-over. =================================================About MyNETS================================================= MyNETS is a Japanese open source Social Networking engine run on Apache, PHP and MySQL environment. If you know Mixi, which is the Japan’s largest social networking site, MyNETS is the clone program of […]

“FREE” 12000 YEN to ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan

—————————–UPDATE (March 5, 2009)How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discount—————————– From today’s Mainichi Daily News and NHK 7pm News ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan WILL be eligible to receive Teigaku-Kyufu-Kin(定額給付金) based on their status on Feb 1, 2009. This is Japanese version of Economic Stimulus Rebate (in the US). It sounds good to be true, but yes, the following people will receive 12,000 yen with no question as the part of Japanese government’s economic stimulus plans. The people who are eligible of receiving 12,000 yen are All Japanese citizen who have registered address in Japan All Permanent Residents who live in Japan All Foreigners who hold valid […]


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JAMES TORME ::: New Year’s Eve Show @ Harvelle’s

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE This New Year’s Eve, join James Torméand his award-winning Trio for a night of jazz, blues and r&b;at the legendary Harvelle’s in Santa Monica Dance the night away to a scorching mix of jazz, blues and R&B;! Tickets are selling fast. Go to to puchase tickets now and guarantee your attendance to the coolest New Year’s Party in Los Angeles. Who: James Tormé (vox), Ryan Cross (bass), Brandon Coleman (keys), Gene Coye (drums) and special guests What: Jazz, Blues, R&B; New Year’s Eve Bash When: 9:30 pm, December 31st, 2008 Cost: $30 per ticket (includes champagne toast at midnight, party favors); $50 at the door if tickets […]

Japanese Samurai Underwear “Kacchu Panstu”

Copyright (c) 2008 Rogin, Inc. A Japanese Apparel, Rogin, announced Samurai-style underwear. Rogin – English Blog Rogin – Company site in Japanese Photo – Tokugawa Ieyasu Model – CNet Japan,2000056025,20383177-3,00.htm Photo – Date Masamune Model – CNet Japan,2000056025,20383177-5,00.htm Photo – The Armor that is based on Date Masamune Underwear,2000056025,20383177-6,00.htm TV Tokyo’s Business News program E Morning (*)  had an interview of Shiro Nogi, the CEO of Rogin, Inc. *Earlier post, I wrote “World Business Satellite” but I was wrong. I apologize for the mistake. According to Mr. Nogi, he released this underwear for the men who are going to have some “fights” ahead, such as job interview […]

This is a scam?

These are some of emails that my clients received. THESE ARE 100% SCAMS(Confirmed with other posts on 12/8/2008) Scam / Spam emails from foreign registrars: YOUR DOMAIN NAME’S CURRENT SITUATION They are kinda legit since they will register your domain name and trademark for you in China. But I don’t think they received the “application” and there is no laws that they have to ask for the approval to wait for the registration. More likely, some user searched the domain name using their domain search engine, and the employee picked and choose those names and find out your company. So this is kinda scam…. but I saw some of my clients’ potential […]

Another Funny Sign in Japan – Nob Beauty Clinic

You know… Internet is very popular in Japan. Almost all Japanese people are accessing to Internet via their cell phones over 10 years. I went to Osaka earlier this month to attend Open Source Forum. On the way to the forum, waiting for subway, I spotted this sign. Pay close attention to their contact information. I had to google about 10 minutes trying to find the actual web site of this clinic. I’m not going to disclose the actual URL of this web site. Try finding one!

Airbag made for human

From TV Tokoy’s World Business Satellite News, a Japanese safety and medical company developed a airbag for human.   © 2008 Prop  – 株式会社プロップ – All Rights Reserved (The images were taken from company’s web site – 画像は会社ホームページより) Safety Life Jacket “Itsumo (Always)” (product page in Japanese) The device was co-developed by Prop, Chiba University and Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, and sold by Prop, KK. They designed this device for the elderly or the people who works on high places. The device is equipped with acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor which is similar to iPhone. If those sensor detects the fall, the it ignites the airbag on your back, and absorb the […]

Wasabi Silent Fire Alarm developed by a Japanese Venture

BBC, Nikkei Business Daily and “Gaiya no Yoake” (TV Tokyo’s Business TV Program) reported the invention of a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people. This device is developed by Seems, Inc., a Japanese venture. Seems, Inc The CEO, Naoki Urushibata, began this scent business because of his older sister’s unfortunate death of cancer. He realized that his sister’s body odor started changing as her disease progressed. So he started his company, Seems, Inc., hoping that the technology could discover the cancer in the early stage by diagnosing the “cancer smell” of a patient. Now, Seems, Inc. developed the new technology, a Wasabi Fire alarm. The device blast out the strong smell of […]