BANDAI is planning to hire more foreigners for its worldwide expansion

From today’s (Monday April 6) news of TV Tokyo, “E Morning”.

BANDAI, the one of the major toy and TV game company, is looking to hire more foreigners.
According to TV Tokyo, BANDAI is seeking to expand their toy and TV game business towards international market more, and they think that hiring more foreign people is one of their plan.
The news did not say any details such as what department, what nationalities, or which regions.
They might have wanted to announce their plan only.
But this could lead to a good news for those of who love Japanese toys and games under this recession economy.
BANDAI – Corporate Page Explaining their Worldwide Expansion plan (Japanese only)
DISCLAIMER: No other online news sources reported this, but only TV Tokyo, as on 4/6/2009 12pm (JST)