What don’t you understand about Japanese women (and men)?

Well, not a long ago, I was asked by one of my Japanese female friends that she was getting annoyed by foreigner who’s being asking her out.

Even though she kept telling the guy that she had a boyfriend.

The guy kept insisting asking her out via phone, chat and emails.

She thought that it would be nice to be friend with him.

Anyway, I decided to conduct a series of surveys.

I’m currently asking Japanese women how they are saying “no” to foreigners.

But it’s also interesting to ask the opposite side.

Have you ever had hard time asking a Japanese girl out (men also)?

Have you ever had a

Thing that you don’t understand about Japanese women (and men)?

Anyway, please send me your comments by October 12th. And I’ll post the result by Oct 19th along with the result of my other survey.

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