Japanese “Costume Play” invaded family photo industry

An Japanese photographer, Masashi Asada published this photo book called “Asada-ke” (Asada Family).

This photo book only has the family pictures of Asada Family.

This sounds boring, but what makes it very interesting is that he does “simulation” family photo.

For example, he made his family wore construction workers uniform, and took a picture at the construction site.

He even made his own family look like rubbery, and took a picture looked like a family is picking up the lock of a house.

This idea came from his assignment at photography school in Osaka in early 2000s.

Asada’s mother works as a nurse at the local hospital.

When his father injured at home, his older broher fell down the staires when he tried to helped Father. And his sister fell from motorcycle on the way to the hospital.

So his entire family got injured in one day.

Asada wanted to re-create this incident and took as a “family” photo for his photography school assignment.

The photo turned out to be very funny and interesting. And eventually he published this photo book, “Asada-ke”

I think Japanese “Costume Play” invaded family photo industry.

Now Asada is looking for families to take this kind of family photo for free as a part of his next book.


Asada is also from same region, Mie prefcture where I am from as well.

The original story was from a Japanese Fuji TV show “Tokudane” on Oct 6, 2008


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