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  • McDonald’s Japan began one-week Special Chicken Burger preview campaign

    McDonald’s Japan began one-week Special Chicken Burger preview campaign

    Oh my, McDonald’s Japan started a special “preview” campaign of Chicken burgers. It sounds really a special … Special Chicken Burger website http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/limited/ckn/ The “preview” campaign started on Oct 1, and ends on Oct 7, 2010. And then, you can buy the chicken at the rest of McDonald’s restaurants. The types of burgers include: Cheese Fondue [Available stores] German Sausage [ Available stores ] Diavolo [ Available stores ] Carbopnara [ Available stores ] . Available Stores Only the limited stores sells the limited types of chickens. Some stores may not sell the burger what you want. Click on the “available stores” link above to check which store sells which […]

  • Be carefull. Japan is super hot now

    I know I should work on the report of World Cosplay Summit 2010. But Japan has been hot theses days… I mean really hot. In addition, Yukina (YokosoNews reporter) is currently down from heat fever… “summer cold” is very trciky. So I decided to work on this heat advisory article on YokosoNews. I also made a PDF file for your use. If you are hanging outside, and got sick because of hyperthermia, please take advantage of my PDF. http://yokosonews.com/lifestyle/jtg-heat-alert-in-japan/ . Have a safe traveling or living in Japan!

  • The World Best Travel YouTube Video about Japan

    I just discovered these video series done by egauemon-san on YouTube. I personally think this is ABSOLUTELY the BEST travel video IN THE WORLD!!!!. Why? You just have to watch these in FULLSCREEEN. KYOTO – CRUISE 2009[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5njZhbhL9s] ISE JINGU / JAPAN 2010[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVZfNQ7JzbA] No annoying host No talking It’s like you are there. Next step, find out wrere, buy an air plane ticket, and be there. —–

  • A Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED

    According to a various news sources,  at around noon today, a Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED. And then, he was arrested right before 1pm. According to some sources, he and his friend(?) came to Koban (police box) because his friend lost his bag under the moat. And, all of sudden, the guy stripped off his clothes and dived into the moat. Surprised local police started chasing after him, called for backups (a lot) and arrested him. Mainichi News (Japanese) http://mainichi.jp/select/jiken/news/20081007k0000e040068000c.html — I don’t know if he was drunk or not… but I happened to watch the news coverage video from NTV. Yeah, he was naked. But also […]