A Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED

According to a various news sources,  at around noon today, a Spanish tourist dived into Tokyo’s Imperial Moat NAKED. And then, he was arrested right before 1pm. According to some sources, he and his friend(?) came to Koban (police box) because his friend lost his bag under the moat. And, all of sudden, the guy stripped off his clothes and dived into the moat. Surprised local police started chasing after him, called for backups (a lot) and arrested him. Mainichi News (Japanese) http://mainichi.jp/select/jiken/news/20081007k0000e040068000c.html — I don’t know if he was drunk or not… but I happened to watch the news coverage video from NTV. Yeah, he was naked. But also […]

What don’t you understand about Japanese women (and men)?

Well, not a long ago, I was asked by one of my Japanese female friends that she was getting annoyed by foreigner who’s being asking her out. Even though she kept telling the guy that she had a boyfriend. The guy kept insisting asking her out via phone, chat and emails. She thought that it would be nice to be friend with him. Anyway, I decided to conduct a series of surveys. I’m currently asking Japanese women how they are saying “no” to foreigners. But it’s also interesting to ask the opposite side. Have you ever had hard time asking a Japanese girl out (men also)? Have you ever had […]