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  • concrete5: how to hide tracking code for editable users (post 5.5.x)

    In order to receive the acurate Google Analytics visitor’s data, you want to avoid tracking the access when the site admin visits a concrete5 site. This is how to hide the Google Analytics tracking code when the users who has the editing permission or admin visited your concrete5 site. This method only works with concrete5.5.x and later. 1. Create a blank text file /elements/footer_required.php 2. And paste the following text file 3. Copy /concrete/elements/header_required.php onto /elements/header_required.php 4. Replace where the following code (towards the end) onto this Now Google Analytics code will no longer be printed on your concrete5 site when the admin/webmaster visits

  • concrete5 YouTube block customization tips

    This is how-to for concrete5 web masters and developers. YouTube now recommend to use “iFrame” instead of “object” tag. And I also came up with a custom template for playlist which you can easily embed the YouTube playlist onto your concrete5 site. You need the basic knowledge of installing and working with concrete5, and how to use FTP . YouTube block iFrame customization Here is easy how-to of iFrame. This method will replace the entire existing YouTube blocks. If you don’t want to change the existing YouTube blocks, you may want to apply this as custom template. 1. Create a blank text file at /blocks/youtube/view.php 2. Copy and paste the […]

  • Using CloudFlare for concrete5

    Using CloudFlare for concrete5

    I’ve been using CloudFlare for many of my major high traffic volume concrete5 sites, and I’m getting the significant result now. Our concrete5 Japan site was reviewed by a major Internet software website, and it caused the high volume traffic yesterday. But it withstood the high traffic volume. Here is the implementation of concrete5 & CloudFlare for both developer and visitors. CloudFlare DNS & Hosting provider setting When developing or make the changes of your concrete5 site, you may want to bypass the CloudFlare network . CloudFlare gives you “” subdomain as your direct access to the root domain. E.g. ———- EXAMPLE.COM ———- CloudFlare suggests you to allocate ———- direct.EXAMPLE.COM […]

  • New design!

    New design!

    I just installed the new theme for my blog. I hope you like it. Although concrete5 is much superior in theme design whereas WordPress is very hard to design a theme, WordPress is still the key player of CMS, especially as a blog platform. It’s very good as maintaining a number of simple title-and-text contents.

  • Adding (+1) to US tel numbers in Address Book (Mac OS X)

    This is my memo to share with everyone. I moved to Japan, and needed to add +1 to all my US contacts. Then I found the following post Adding 1 to all phone numbers in address book However, I already have many Japanese phone numbers in my address book starting with “0” So I’ve modified Andreas’ code to the folliowing So that it will skip the phone number starting with zero (0). How to use the code Launch AppleScript Editor Copy and paste the above codes Click [Compile] Run the script (CAUTION) If you have more than 300 contacts, you need the following extra step. Otherwise, the script may […]

  • FMLE: How to Ustream the HD, High and Low quality multi streams

    FMLE: How to Ustream the HD, High and Low quality multi streams

    Using Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 (FMLE), you can now stream 3 different quality of streams using Ustream like SpaceVidCast As on June 6, 2011, you can only 1st Stream will be labeled as “HD” 2nd Stream will be labeled as “High” 3rd Stream will be labeled as “Low” No matter what your quality setting of FMLE. That’s probably why Ustream has not officially put this how-tos in their support yet. Requirement for this tutorial In this tutorial, you must have Fast Windows or Mac faster than Intel Core2Duo i7 6 Core Processor) Fast Internet with fast upload bandwidth More than 5Mbps upload speed is recommended Check your […]

  • Hide Google Analytics code on concrete5

    concrete5 is great CMS. You never have to go back-and-forth admin panel and front panel to see the result. But this has one down-time, Google Analytic may produce the wrong report. So I came up with the solution. . How to not to print Google Analytics code when Editable Users visited your concrete5 site Usually, you don’t want to count the users who has toolbar on top. After logging into concrete5, and if you see the toolbar, that means you are associated editor for the site. You don’t want to count those people onto Google Analytics. Create a blank text file – /elements/footer_required.php Paste the following codes onto the text […]

  • 10/30 What’s going on with WordPress in Nagoya and Japan

    10/30 What’s going on with WordPress in Nagoya and Japan

    YokosoNews is currently looking for anyone who can join at WordCamp 2010 Nagoya who can talk about their experience with WordPress in English in Japan. WordCamp is the regularly held event all over the world about the web contents management software, WordPress, which is mainly used as blogs, news and magazines. On October 30, 2010, WordCamp will be held in Nagoya for the first time. YokosoNews will join and bring you the Ustream program from Nagoya City University. Because Ustream can be watched to the people all over the world, why don’t we broadcast in English to tell people how we are doing in Japan. At the same time, we […]

  • Don’t miss WordCamp 2010 Nagoya on Oct 30

    Don’t miss WordCamp 2010 Nagoya on Oct 30

    This blog post was written as a draft work for the official site. For the latest information, visit . A very exciting open source event coming to Nagoya on October 30, 2010 about blogging. I am the programmers and Ustream broadcaster for the event. WordPress is a free and open source blogging software. Many of the best blog sites in the world such as TechCrunch, Engadget, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Havard University. And Microsoft just announced to embrace WordPress for its Windows Live users. WordPress is one of rapidly growing softwares in the world. WordCamp is the conference that focuses anything about WordPress from the beginner to advanced programmers. […]

  • CEATEC 2010: New online Japanese rental service coming this Winter

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at CEATEC 2010 Japan, Sharp announced the partnership with Cultural Convenience Club to launch the online store of Japanese music and movie for the Android touch pad device, GALAPAGOS. On September 27, 2010, Sharp announced “GALAPAGOS”, an Google’s Android OS base touch pad device hoping to be the alternative to Apple’s iPad in Japan. The name, GALAPAGOS, is taken from the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador where many unique and endangered animals are. Those animal are only able to thrive in the isolated islands for long time because they didn’t have enemies – so do Japanese mobile industry. Japanese mobile industry developed its own protocol and services, […]