Sakura Internet, Japan’s major hosting, recognizes concrete5 by offering auto-installer before Drupal and Joomla

On Feb 2, 2016, Japan’s hosting giant, Sakura Internet started offering quick install of concrete5 CMS.

Sakura Internet may be like the combination of Dreamhost and MediaTemple. They are the pioneer to introduce inexpensive shared hosting, affordable VPS, cloud, and IoT hosting to the Japanese market.

Although Sakura Internet provides innovative services, the shared hosting department is very conservative because they don’t want to confuse its large number of customers. Previously, they only offered WordPress quick install for content CMS.

But, they started offering quick install of concrete5.

Therefore, I could say that one of Japan’s best and innovative internet hosting service chose concrete5 before Drupal or Joomla.

concrete5 Japan users group has been talking closely to Sakura Internet. Sakura Internet saw that the number of the user has grown rapidly in Japan. They feel confident to provide quick install service to their customers.

Here is the quick translation of their news press releases.


Quick Install of Sakura Rental Server to Start Offering “concrete5”

February 2, 2016

Dear Customers

SAKURA Internet Inc.

Thank you very much for giving me patronage more exceptional than usually on the Sakura Internet.

From February 2, 2016, we started offering “concrete5” quick installation at Sakura’s Shared Hosting services

Quick Install is to make you easy to install applications, such as a blog, from our server control panel as little as 2 minutes.

concrete5 CMS, which we started offering today, is a CMS that has very intuitive UI that users can easily create websites. Not only as a personal web site, this can be useful for corporate CMS with multiple admins. By using this quick install, the beginners can easily start using it.

Please refer to the following for details.

At Sakura Internet, we will strive as hard as possible to provide the best service as possible.

Sakura Rental Server Quick Install

This is the feature that enables you to install application quickly and let you start making the website immediately. The update process is also easy to do. You should be able to use it safely.

Available Services

  • Sakura Rental Service
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Business
    • Business Pro
  • Sakura Managed Server

* Sakura Rental Server “Light” plan DOES NOT offer this service.


* You can use at the expense of hosing fee

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Media Contact

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In addition to Sakura Internet, other major hosting companies also provides auto installers in Japan. If you can read Japanese, visit concrete5 Japan documentation page for the installation guides to Japanese hosting companies.