concrete5: How to grow an open source community in Japan

I had an urge to think about the concrete5 community and looking back my past 5 years and next 5 years.

Growing concrete5 from scratch in Japan

When I started the concrete5 community in Japan. It was virtually the start from the scratch, learning PHP, how to translate the software, and organizing an open source community.

When I first showcased concrete5 Japanese version was at Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring at CMS panel and exhibittion.

I was still in my late 20s.

OSC 2009 Tokyo/Spring
CMS panel at Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring
Katz Ueno
CMS panel at Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring

At that time, concrete5 was the part of Usagi Project (now it’s gone). With many people’s help, I was struggle to run the concrete5 Japan users group. All expense was out of my pocket for 3 years, spent over 1 million yen.

From Level 1 to Level 100

In 2012, I handed over most of operations to Hishikawa in 2012 and incorporated concrete5 Japan, Inc.

Founding members of concrete5 Japan, Inc.
concrete5 Japan, Inc. launch party was organized at Shimokitazawa Open Source Cafe in July 2012 with a specially made brownie cake.

In 2009, I didn’t think of incorporating concrete5 in Japan.

Now we are in the midst of growing concrete5 community from 1 to 100.

In 2014, we’ve published a book and the seminar was successful.

2014年2月14日 concrete5 公式活用ガイドブック出版記念セミナー

I am now able to join concrete5, inc with 100% commitment.

I personally think that we would like to reach our level 100 by 2016.

What is Level 100 for concrete5 Japan

  • More than 100 portfolio on concrete5 Japan partner showcase
  • More than 100 concrete5 Japan partners
  • Able to organize 100 attendees level seminar periodically
  • One hundred Japanese theme and/or add-on developers
  • More Japanese to involved in marketplace

I personally think that we would like to meet at least 2 (possibly 3) of 5 goals by 2016.

concrete5 Japan Partners

concrete5.7 and the new beginning

concrete5.7 is released. It the new start. concrete5 community is really struggling. It’s very important how PortlandLabs can lead the community.


Level 100 and after

After the level 100, perhaps, we would like to go abroad.


it is just a beginning of our journey.