It’s not about concrete5 vs WordPress


Too many ‪‎concrete5‬ events happening again in ‪Japan‬ in Oct. So many people are interested in concrete5 now.

This is the shout-out from Japan. I wish I had more time to write about how Japanese people started to embrace concrete5 CMS.

concrete5 is absolutely the best CMS over ‪WordPress‬ for the web site that requires more customized and different design and contents for each page.

I hear more Japanese web houses saving time and money by building concrete5 site over WordPress site because less programming time to do the same thing.

But FYI, I also love WordPress when I need to take care of large amount of articles.

Those Japanese web builders may have been using the wrong tool for the wrong website. Or perhaps, they were not optimizing the site structure for WordPress, but for concrete5.

I love the people and spirits coming from WordPress community.

I am active member of WordPress Japan community, and have organized various WordPress events as well.

It’s not the products. It’s the people. (This American Life Episode)

You just need to know the right tool at the right time. It’s like you can use both Mac and Windows for the right use.

As you may know, I’m running my blog on WordPress. So I can use them both 🙂

For me, I prefer concrete5. The style of concrete5 suits me the best.

So it’s like I chose Mac over Windows as my main workstation. But I can still use them both. And I love them both :p