WANTED: volunteers and guests of 311 Disasters in Japan


YokosoNews, the English social media to introduce Japanese culture in English, is currently looking for volunteer reporters and guests who can share their experience during our live cast for the next generation.

YokosoNews usually provide the useful travel tips, lifestyle and entertainment information of Japan to welcome the people from all over the world.

However, Japan has lived with natural disasters. In order to welcome the people from all over the world, YokosoNews had been prepared to provide necessary disaster prevention awareness especially to the non-Japanese residents in Japan since the beginning of YokosoNews operation.

The journey since 311 Great East Japan Earthquake

Since the 2:52pm on March 11, 2011, 6 minutes after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, YokosoNews had cancelled all of its regular broadcasting and focuses on the emergency live casting by translating the local Japanese TV news and the live reports from the people from Kanto area.

Thanks to the disaster preparation, YokosoNews knew where to obtain the right information. We were the few trusted English source of the information especially during the 1st week of the disaster.

More than one million people tuned in to YokosoNews emergency live cast during the 1st month of the 311 Earthquake and Tsunami.

YokosoNews was interviewed by Al Jazeera, ABC TV and Radio, German Public Radio, Russian TV. French newspaper, La Monde, and Reuters, YokosoNews and other European media tuned in to YokosoNews to obtain the latest information.

The shift from disaster to reconstruction

Prior to the 2011 Tohoku Earthuaqe, YokosoNews had been aware that the long-term support would be needed in case of major disaster from the past experience, such as Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

In addition to the support to the people of Tohoku, YokosoNews recognize the value of preserving the history in English for the future generation.

These experience could be priceless knowledge to the rest of the world where they face the similar natural disasters by learning the successful prevention measure and mistakes.

One million live viewers in one month

During the first few days of the disaster, YokosoNews was the ONLY continuous online media to provide English information about the disaster.

On March 12, 2011, YokosoNews had approximately 7,000 simultaneous viewers. From March 11 to April 11, over one million viewers tuned into YokosoNews live cast to receive up-to-date information from Japan.

During the first 30 days since the disaster, over one million viewers tuned into YokosoNews.

For more detail and media coverage of YokosoNews, please read

The first to report, the last to report

For the first a couple days, no other English media was capable to broadcast the information but YokosoNews.

YokosoNews kept broadcasting at least 14-18 hours a day to provide the latest update.

After a certain time, the world had to shift its focus to others. YokosoNews was the only online media to report about the disaster continuously.

YokosoNews believes that the major disaster could last years to recover. As the first English media to report the incident, we are responsible to report until the end.

Years of preparation

The history of YokosoNews’ disaster update originated from Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

When YokosoNews was formed in 2008, the safety of Engligh speaking non-Japanese traveler and resident was already the core mission of YokosoNews.

YokosoNews has been studying and monitoring what has happened during the major disasters in modern Japan. Also we closely learned the advantage and disadvantage of various social media.

YokosoNews’ long-term commitment

Based on our experience from the past disasters, the people forget the power of mother nature.

In fact, many Japanese people didn’t pay attention to the ancient Japanese from how terrible tsunami was 1,000 years ago. It’s very difficult to maintain the focus generation after generation.

However, the power of social media and audio & visual presentation could help sustain the focus of many people.

At the same time, we believe that our effort would help all over the world where it has the potential of any natural disaster.

We’re committed to bring the information not limited to:

  • Provide safety information
    • Natural disasters
    • Crime
    • Moral
    • Public Health
  • Continuous live streaming
  • For English language for non-Japanese speaker in Japan
  • To preserve the history while it’s fresh for the future generation
  • There’re still many help needed in the disaster area

First, we will continue our “311 Weekly Disaster Update” until March 11.

YokosoNews needs your help

Now, YokosoNews needs your help. I will ask all of you to:

  • Tell your friend about disaster prevention and YokosoNews
  • Share your disaster prevention

Then.. if you happened to have close connection to the people in Japan…

Volunteer and Guests Wanted

Especially, those who are closely connected to Tohoku Japan and Fukushima, we’re looking for your help

  • Share your story
    • Anyone who lives in Tohoku or Fukushima?
    • Anyone who went to volunteer in Tohoku or Fukushima
    • No English speaking skills are required
  • Share your photo and video
    • To share the reconstruction – No tear breaking needed
  • Journalist
    • Who’s willing to share your story
  • Experts
    • Construction
    • Medical and Public Health
    • Government and Politics
    • Energy
  • English translation volunteers
    • Fast check
    • Assistant to weekly live cast
  • Promote the works of YokosoNews to the people in Tohoku and Fukushima
    • Especially to the people in Tohoku
    • Especially to the local government, companies and organizations in Tohoku or related parties
  • Companies
    • To share their reconstruction efforts
    • To promote tourism in Tohoku
    • To report their volunteer efforts
  • Suggestions
  • News tips

We want your “real” voice. NOT “I heard or watched.”


May 17, 2011: 311 Disaster Update #36

  • Volunteer Report of Ishinomaki
  • Anti-nuclear rally in Iwaki, Fukushima

Live streaming date

Technial requirement for the guests

For those who can be on live cast or interview

  • Live interview via
    • Skype (most preferrd)
    • iChat
    • Live Messenger
    • Viber
    • Reengo
    • Tel (from USA or Japan)
  • We can arrange the live cast or it could be pre-recorded
  • Communication
    • The person should know how to communicate via Email, Skype, Twitter or Facebook

If the guests could prepare the following prior to the live appearance. That would be great.

  • Photo
    • using Facebook or Flickr photos
    • Website or blogs
  • Video
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
  • Presentation
    • Word, Powerpoint or Keynote

We hope your continuous corporations!


Feel free to contact


Please make sure to leave a voicemail

Japan +81 (3) 4590-6279
USA +1 (310) 820-7129