3,000 people in 2 years

I just finished filling out the 10th notebooks. 10 notebooks in 2 years.

These are the notebook that I started taking in September 2008 when I first came up with the idea of YokosoNews. As a media, it’s all about how much information you can gather, edit them, and publish it to the public. As I completed the 10th notebooks, I think I’m going to really start editing, and reporting them.

The notebooks contain topics, tips and people that could become a YokosoNews stories. And these are NOT from the Internet. For these notebooks, I intended not-to-use any Internet information but newspaper, magazine, TV, radio or books. This is the reason why I insist on handwriting too.

Anyway, each books contains 50-100 topics with average 300 people. So I compiled the 1,000 stories idea and 3,000 people into 10 notebooks!

It was very easy task and practice, though it’s difficult to continue.

Now, I’ll move onto the 2nd step of YokosoNews, start looking for more people to join our venture!