Life in Houston is not bad… actually fantasic!

First of all, I didn’t want to come to Houston.

“I am a filmmaker, and I have no chance if I moved to Houston.”

When I realized that I had no choice but to take a job offer in Houston. I was kinda depressed.

Last Aug, I went to Houston to visit my new business partner.

I hated it.

He was very nice. And I didn’t know if I can survive in Houston.

He took me to some sightseeing spot, and some famouse steak restaurant and mexican restaurant to eat.

I didn’t like it.

I didn’t come to Houston for sightseeing.
I came to Houston to find the way for my future.

After two days of my first stay in Houston, I was using wireless access from leasing office of my business partner’s apartment at night.

I met one security guard of the apartment.

I asked him, “do you like Houston?”

He said “Yeah, I like it.”

After a while, I was chatting with the security guard about my situation and he told me how he ended up being a security guard in my partner’s apartment.

He convinced me to work here in Houston.

I’ve never said that I don’t want to work with my business partner. I do want to work with him.

We’ve been working together for 4 years. And I’ve been working with his publishing company since the day ONE he started the company.

And I want him to be successful.
But I was not convinced to move down here in Houston.

But one word from the secuiry guard… “I like it here”

I made up my mind.

It’s not filmmaking job. But I need to do what I’m supposed to do for my future. And most of all, there is a guy who likes Houston.

This time… my 2nd visit to Houston.

I hung out with one of my friend from Cafe Balcony who moved down to Houston two months ago.

I asked him to do some research for me to find a good bar and good coffee shop.

He did it.

He took me to different clubs and bars, and brought me to the good coffee shop (but nothing better than Cafe Balcony though).

First night. He took me to Asian Fusion fast food place. I liked it. And he took me to coffee shop and three different clubs.

I had fun.

Tonight, we hang out again. He took me to different copffee shop, which esporesso was almost as good as Cafe Balcony.

And we went to Asian Fusion restaurant that we went two days ago again to eat and hang out with the owner of the restaurant.

My friend told me that soon after he started talking to the owner, they become the best friends.

And he was right. Soon after the owner and I started talking. I was ablt to tell right away that “He is the MAN.” – the man you can trust.

We hang out at the bar and just talking about stuff. And we agree every single stuff that we talk. And he becomes my brother.

I was right. When the security guard told me that he liked Houston, I decided to stay on.

It was unfortunete that I had to come down here to work. But hey, without this opportunity, I was not able to hang out with my friend from LA, and meet with this guy.

When I make a decision, I never regret. Even though it turned out to be the longer route…. I don’t care. I’m getting something much more worth anyway.

4 years ago, I’d never considered myself to be in Houston. Now I love it and I want to come back as much as possible!!!