Weekend at San Diego

I drove San Diego two days in a row!

First day, Thursday, Oct 12th, I went there for tech check of Asian Stories (Book 3) But the projectionist was not available. So pretty much I worked all day at Kinko’s to take care of other film festivals that we got accept. And then I had to drive back because I had to pick up some equipment.

Second Day, Friday Oct 13rg, I drove back again for the screening. Even though San Diego Asian Film Festival staff was kinda reluctant to give us a min to check our film, I push them to make a room for the tech check.

I know they were really busy taking care of other films, but this is the destiny of video projection…. you really have to spend time to check the color and audio unlike film… I’m sorry and thank you very much to San Diego Asian Film Festival staff… they are doing excellent job!

People said that digital projection is easy… NO WAY… It’s much more difficult than film projection since all the color correction and audio was pretty much done at the lab.

Anyway, we had a blast. Everybody at the screening in San Diego Asian Film Festival loved our movie.

Well.. we’ll continue for Hawaii film festival.