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  • How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discount

    Yesterday, the controversial budget finally finally passed the Japanese Parliament yesterday. The major bills were controversial Teigaku-kyufukin (定額給付金), and holiday discount of highway. 12,000 yen Teigaku-Kyufukin So it is now official that the everybody who legally resided in Japan on Feb 1, 2009 are eligible for 12,000 yen (the 18 and younger, and the 65 and older will receive 20,000 yen). To check your eligibility, look at my older post.http://katz515.blogspot.com/2008/12/registered-foreigner-will-receive-12000.html The majority of Japanese people are already tired of this topic. It’s been over half year since the government started talking about it. The Japanese people are sick and tired of these already non-sense-and-super-late policy after seeing Taiwan and China […]