Running 3,000 km in 2021

These days, I get very tired around 7pm and can no longer work after that. Then, I realized it’s may not just be because I’m getting old. It may also be because of I’ve run 300 km in Aug and Sep. I’m trying to run 3,000km in the year 2021 because I ran 2660km in 2020. In my personal opinion, you can run upto 3,000 km per year as a hobby runner. I’ve only run 5 days a week for 1 hour, then I can reach this distance. Above 3,000km, I think you must be a real athlete So far I’ve run 2537km from Jan to Sep. 500km more to… Continue reading Running 3,000 km in 2021

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Why Japanese in Japan are not good at talking politics in public

Photo by Kestrel

After I came to the US, I saw many people involved in politics. In Japan, debating politics is kinda taboo. I’ve been wondering why. I think I found a potential great reason. Discussing politics and doing political activities in public schools and public facilities is strictly prohibited in Japan. The Iwakura City has a public conference room services which I use it for CoderDojo Owari, The place prohibit to do any political and religious activities by its terms of services. I think this may be coming from World War II how Japanese imperial government brainwashed Japanese citizen to go towards war using education, politics and religion. Therefore, the government should… Continue reading Why Japanese in Japan are not good at talking politics in public

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Attending DojoCon Japan 2017

I love open source and community around it. My job is to spread the open source spirits and business in Japan. Now I am the father of two lovely daughters. It’s no brainer that I started CoderDojo Owari in my town since April 2017 and help DojoCon Japan 2017. I was fortunate to be a translator for the event. As a translator, let me briefly introduce what was going on at DojoCon Japan 2017. (I also want to emphasize that Japan now has more than 100 Dojos! We are one of the most active CoderDojo communities in the world!) (Photos by Atsushi Ando & Michie Yamamoto) This is a blog entry… Continue reading Attending DojoCon Japan 2017

The Era of Glocalization

Happy new year of 2017. I will write a kind of new year’s resolution. In these days, I am often being asked what I can do, what I can do to help others, what I really want to do. I think one of my most advantage is the ability to glocalize. In 2017, I would like to appeal my glocal experience to both multilingual projects and inter-industry projects. has the definition of glocal. global (adjective) of or relating to the interconnection of global and local issues, factors,etc.: e.g.: a glocal conference on community development. of or relating to the tailoring of globally available products and services to local markets: e.g.: a… Continue reading The Era of Glocalization

[Editorial] Dolphin, Whales and YokosoNews

Earlier today, one of my YokosoNews contributors traveled to Kumano, Japan. And he went to eat the local cuisine which include the dolphin. Then he posted the photo on YokosoNews Facebook page. I immediately deleted the photo from the YokosoNews Facebook Page. But I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal opinion and my premature plan. I’m writing this on my personal blog because this is not the official final plan of YokosoNews. But it’s good to share my developing plan of YokosoNews as the first step to become a real social media and the bridge of Japanese culture… and get your feedbacks. Lessons from the past… Continue reading [Editorial] Dolphin, Whales and YokosoNews

A Happy New Year 2011

at Chiyozaki Beach, Suzuka, Mie, Japan on January 1st, 2011 [ Check more photo and video ] . .

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Be carefull. Japan is super hot now

I know I should work on the report of World Cosplay Summit 2010. But Japan has been hot theses days… I mean really hot. In addition, Yukina (YokosoNews reporter) is currently down from heat fever… “summer cold” is very trciky. So I decided to work on this heat advisory article on YokosoNews. I also made a PDF file for your use. If you are hanging outside, and got sick because of hyperthermia, please take advantage of my PDF. . Have a safe traveling or living in Japan!