Japanese online audience are similar to TV audience

In the response to CHART OF THE DAY: Lunchtime Is The New Primetime http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-lunchtime-is-the-new-primetime-2009-10 A Japanese blogger posted this reply The US’s new Primetime is Lunchtime, how about Japan? http://adinnovator.typepad.com/ad_innovator/2009/10/国内アメリカのゴールデンタイムはランチタイム日本では.html Japanese online prime time for online video is very similar to TV. Between 9am-10am, and 7pm-11pm. The Japanese work environment is very strict, and they are very careful about using somebody else’s computer and typing credit card information. Therefore, there is virtually nobody who spent their lunchtime using the work computer watching online videos, or shopping. So what do they do during the lunchtime? They use their cell phone~! Japanesen cell phone can watch TV, buy stuff online and play… Continue reading Japanese online audience are similar to TV audience

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