16,000 yen for New York and 21,000 yen for LA from Japan!!!

UPDATE (9/16 6pm JST): The ticket has sold out… the links below are no longer valid. I’ve been researching an air ticket for my travel from Japan to USA. And I found a craaaaazy travel agency. Their name is Skygate. It’s Japanese online travel agency…. And I started subscribing their newsletter. Just now, I received their newsletter…. 16,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – New York http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171599D&S1;=priceViewByGoods 21,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – Los Angeles! http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171602D&S1;=priceViewByGoods Well, the cheap ticket always has the restriction. New York ticket: (Product ID 171599D) CANNOT select which airline MUST leave between Sep 23-30. MUST be 5-10 days trip. CANNOT […]