US Embassy Japan warned Roppongi partying

On March 17th, 2009, US Embassy warned the US citizens who hang out clubs and bars in Roppongi for the drink-spiking incidents. Warden Message – Roppongi Security Notice I’ve been witnessing in the last 10 years that Japanese students in LA were intoxicated and deported. And an American friend had cardiac arrest and passed away in Roppongi. Self-controlling could be one of the big issue for the people who lives in a foreign country, especially the city where there are a lot of fun stuff to do. Now, some bad-mind people had spotted these people and US Embassy noticed the potential danger. Although Tokyo is cool place, and Roppongi is […]

Japan Highway Holiday Discount Partially Delays

Today (March 11, 2009), NEXCO (Nippon Expressway Company Limited) Group announced that they will not be able to complete the system upgrade fully. Therefore, they will start discount on March 28th. This delay mainly affect the driver who will go through Tokyo, Osaka area, Honshu-Shikoku Bridges and/or Tokyo Aqua Line. Overview of Japanese Highway Holiday Discount Program As the part of Japanese government economic stimulus program, they passed the law to approve the budget in order to execute the discount of Japanese regional expressway. The weekends and holiday discount includes 1,000 yen all-you-can-drive in regional area (Partially starting on Mar 28) 1,000 yen discount rate of Shikoku-Honshu Toll Bridges and […]

How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discount

Yesterday, the controversial budget finally finally passed the Japanese Parliament yesterday. The major bills were controversial Teigaku-kyufukin (定額給付金), and holiday discount of highway. 12,000 yen Teigaku-Kyufukin So it is now official that the everybody who legally resided in Japan on Feb 1, 2009 are eligible for 12,000 yen (the 18 and younger, and the 65 and older will receive 20,000 yen). To check your eligibility, look at my older post. The majority of Japanese people are already tired of this topic. It’s been over half year since the government started talking about it. The Japanese people are sick and tired of these already non-sense-and-super-late policy after seeing Taiwan and China […]