“FREE” 12000 YEN to ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan

—————————–UPDATE (March 5, 2009)How to Claim your 12,000 yen and Highway Holiday Discounthttp://katz515.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-claim-your-12000-yen-and-highway.html—————————– From today’s Mainichi Daily News and NHK 7pm News ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan WILL be eligible to receive Teigaku-Kyufu-Kin(定額給付金) based on their status on Feb 1, 2009. This is Japanese version of Economic Stimulus Rebate (in the US). It sounds good to be true, but yes, the following people will receive 12,000 yen with no question as the part of Japanese government’s economic stimulus plans. The people who are eligible of receiving 12,000 yen are All Japanese citizen who have registered address in Japan All Permanent Residents who live in Japan All Foreigners who hold valid… Continue reading “FREE” 12000 YEN to ALL Registered Foreigners in Japan


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