Month: August 2008

  • Asian Stories DVD release is this coming Tuesday!

    Asian Stories DVD release is this coming Tuesday!

    ========================================“Asian Stories” DVDwill be finally on sale this Tuesday, Sep 2nd======================================== The time has come. Our US DVD release is coming on this Tuesday. If you haven’t ordered your own DVD yet, please do so, so that you can get your own copy on Sep 2nd! “Asian Stories” at Amazonhttp://www. amazon. com/… “Asian Stories” at NETFLIXhttp://www. netflix. com/Movie/Asian_Stories/…

  • PLEASE Pre-Order Asian Stories

    PLEASE Pre-Order Asian Stories

    ========================================“Asian Stories” DVD Releaseis now set to Tuesday, Sep 2nd======================================== Dear “Asian Stories” Fans! Thank you very much for those of who came to our LA’s theatrical release last week. And we’ve received dozens of messages that the many don’t live close to LA so that they couldn’t catch “Asian Stories” theatrical premiere. But, don’t worry about it. We are very pleased to announce that we are releasing “Asian Stories” DVD on Tuesday, Sep 2nd. But don’t wait, please order your copy now, so that you can get your DVD on Sep 2nd! ***Our DVD extra features includes 1. DVD commentary with James Kyson Lee, Kathy Uyen and the director, […]