People who can sleep well….

People who can sleep well have a lot of gutsIf you can sleep wherever it is, such as friend’s couch, on the floor, editing studio’s floor, in the jungle… in the airplace… more likely to perform well in the presentation and stuff…. at least, don’t get nervous as much as people who cannot sleep well… That’s what I think….

Dear Joseph N. Feinstein

Joseph, it was good working with you… Articles for Entertainment Today by Joseph ————————————– From LA Times Article Joseph N. Feinstein, 74; innovative L.A. teacher and host of ‘Teen Talk’ By Jocelyn Y. Stewart, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 2, 2008 Joseph N. Feinstein was a champion of the idea that education should address young people’s hearts as well as their intellect. He developed the first class in Los Angeles city schools designed to help students deal with death and other forms of loss. In the 1980s, Feinstein was host of an award-winning television talk show that allowed teenagers to tackle tough social and family issues. Decades later, the […]