Vote for Cafe Balcony!

Guys, Cafe Balcony is nominated for FOX11’s best coffee shop contest! You guys have to vote for my lovely coffee shop! xxx

The Japanese Language Brain

“JAPAN CLOSE-UP”, August 2002, published by PHP The Japanese Language Brain By Masaomi Ise They Can’t Hear the Insects? Our story begins with the visit of Professor Tadanobu Tsunoda of Tokyo Medical & Dental University to Havana, Cuba, in January 1987 to attend the 1st international seminar titled “Central Nervous System Disease Physiology and Compensation.” Cuba was still under embargo and Prof. Tsunoda was the only participant from a western nation. There was a reception on the night before the seminar began, with many scientists from eastern bloc nations in attendance. A Cuban man was delivering a fervent speech in powerful Spanish. But Prof. Tsunoda was distracted by the extremely […]

Precious Gift

Yesterday, I went to Kyoto for sightseeing and meeting up my friends from LA. And my friend bought me a late birthday present in Kyoto. After I got back home, I opened the bag. It was a small cell phone strap. It says “Dream.” I am very fortunate to have friends. Yes, I have a dream. And I will never forget that I have a dream. And I will not stop moving forward to my dream.

We Need Girlfriends

I don’t really do this. But I think this video is awesome regardless they have ok acting skill. But somehow, I got stuck into it. They now have 10 episodes. Enjoy. WE NEED GIRLFRIENDS – EPISODE 1 to My Profile | More Videos