Never Give Up

That’s what I’m telling everybody, and to myself.

I lost 20LB in a month!

Yeaaaah. I lost 20LB in a month. I’m getting close to free Vegas trip!

Life in Houston is not bad… actually fantasic!

First of all, I didn’t want to come to Houston. “I am a filmmaker, and I have no chance if I moved to Houston.” When I realized that I had no choice but to take a job offer in Houston. I was kinda depressed. Last Aug, I went to Houston to visit my new business partner. I hated it. He was very nice. And I didn’t know if I can survive in Houston. He took me to some sightseeing spot, and some famouse steak restaurant and mexican restaurant to eat. I didn’t like it. I didn’t come to Houston for sightseeing.I came to Houston to find the way for my […]