Recording DVD commentary track with James, Kathy and Ron

We are getting ready for the DVD release. Today, we recorded DVD commentary track with James Kyson Lee, Kathy Uyen and the director Ron Oda at Creative Routes Studio in Burbank. We talked about our nostalgic yet funny stories. You can listen to our talk in our DVD special track!

People who can sleep well….

People who can sleep well have a lot of gutsIf you can sleep wherever it is, such as friend’s couch, on the floor, editing studio’s floor, in the jungle… in the airplace… more likely to perform well in the presentation and stuff…. at least, don’t get nervous as much as people who cannot sleep well… That’s what I think….

Dear Joseph N. Feinstein

Joseph, it was good working with you… Articles for Entertainment Today by Joseph ————————————– From LA Times Article Joseph N. Feinstein, 74; innovative L.A. teacher and host of ‘Teen Talk’ By Jocelyn Y. Stewart, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 2, 2008 Joseph N. Feinstein was a champion of the idea that education should address young people’s hearts as well as their intellect. He developed the first class in Los Angeles city schools designed to help students deal with death and other forms of loss. In the 1980s, Feinstein was host of an award-winning television talk show that allowed teenagers to tackle tough social and family issues. Decades later, the […]

“Hybrid Identity Crisis” — “Tre” DVD Release (From Eric)

A journalist named Ben Hamamoto is writing a piece about my latest film “Tre” being a first with its hapa romantic leads (Kim and Daniel), and hapa writers/director (Kim and me). This clip from the DVD bonus features is the best I have ever done explaining how mixed-race identity folds into the layers of meaning in this film and in others like “Charlotte Sometimes” and “Americanese” that deal with sex, race, and relationships. It was actually said in response to a post-screening question about the “raw” sex scenes in “Tre.” I talked about “hybrid identity” and then worked my way back to answering the question. [youtube=] This is one of […]

James Tormé at Hotel Angeleno on Mon, 5/12

I’ll be there WHAT: Come hear singing star James Tormé live with the incomparable James Tormé Trio at West Lounge & Restaurant. Best view in L.A. Parking available at the hotel. In James’ own words: “Stop kidding around, come out and be friendly about it!” PS They have great food and excellent cocktails! PPS No Cover. WHEN: Monday, May 12th at 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm. WHERE: West Lounge at Hotel Angeleno (The circular hotel at the Sunset exit of the 405) 170 N. Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049For reservations: 310-481-7878 Click here to get directions.

Sound of Hamster

I’m adding sound of hamster to a hamster feature film… Some scene was shot without sound, so I’m adding the sound of a hamster. Oh, man. The more hamster sound I add, the more cute the hamster becomes. I understand why the director loves hamster and decided to make it into a movie. Oh, shit, I wish I have more room and time to have a hamster…. By the way, the hamster doesn’t really make noise. Most of the time, they are quiet. But we managed to make it sound something… you will check it out in the movie. Etienne! PS.Going to Houston, Texas from May 1 (Thu) – May […]

Working on a Hamster Movie

Working on a hamster movie – recording sound effects in Palos Verdes, CA It was crazy hot, but nice view of the ocean.


I have never given up my dream. And I will never given up my dream until I die. PS. I’ll be in the US (Mostly LA) until July 9th.

Representing James Tormé in Japan

For those of who cannot read Japanese, I’m sorry about that. But here is the press release regarding my company’s representing James Tormé, the son of legendary singer, Mel Tormé. deerstudio, inc will be in charge of his promotion and will act as his agent in Japan. If you know any people who have jazz club or jazz festival which may be interesting in having him, please tell them to give me a call! For more information, please contact 発表資料 連絡先株式会社deerstudio日本 (03) 4590-6279アメリカ +1 (310) 820-7129 James Torméとの日本エージェント契約について [ PDF版ダウンロード ] 関係者各位 この度、株式会社deerstudio(ディアースタジオ)と、Tormé Entertainment LLC(トーメ・エンターテインメント)が、伝説のジャズシンガーMel Tormé(メル・トーメ)氏のご子息であり、自身もジャズシンガーとして活動されているJames Tomré(ジェームス・トーメ)氏と彼のバンドの日本における音楽活動のプロモーション・エージェント業を株式会社deerstudioが行う契約を締結致しました事を報告します。 今後、株式会社deerstudioは、Tormé EntertainmentとJames Torméの英語ホームページの運営に加え、日本語ホームページの運営と、日本での活動のマネージメントを行うことになります。 James Tormé氏は、「クリスマスソング」で有名なMel Tormé氏のご子息として生まれ、デューク・エリントン、サミー・デイビスJr、ペギー・リー、バディ・リッチなどに囲まれ幼少期を過ごし、彼の音楽スタイルはクラッシックジャズに加え、ソウル、R&B;の影響を受け、現代のジャズシーンにうまく融合させており、昨年には、その功績をたたえられ、チャック・ナイルズ・ジャズ・ミュージック・アワードを受賞しました。 また、今年始め、KOCH Recordsと新たにレコード契約を交わし、2009年初頭に新しいアルバムをリリースすべくレコーディング活動も行っています。 ジェームス、弊社ともども、日本での活動を積極的に行いたい意向です。 お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。 2008年4月19日、株式会社deerstudio ジェームズ・トーメ公式英語サイト; […]