The World Best Travel YouTube Video about Japan

I just discovered these video series done by egauemon-san on YouTube. I personally think this is ABSOLUTELY the BEST travel video IN THE WORLD!!!!. Why? You just have to watch these in FULLSCREEEN. KYOTO – CRUISE 2009[youtube=] ISE JINGU / JAPAN 2010[youtube=] No annoying host No talking It’s like you are there. Next step, find out wrere, buy an air plane ticket, and be there. —–

Tokyo Sky Drive -Night ver.- 01

Just watch and relaxTokyo Sky Drive -Night ver.- 01 [youtube=] —

Web developers’ memo

Leaving some memo for my new project. Let’s refresh my mind againBest Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site Javascript Tips jQuery LazyLoad is the jQuery plug in to post load the images that are only visible (or delay loading image) Preload Images Sequentially With jQuery YUI2: ImageLoader Social Network Widgets ShareThis AddToAny DISQUS IntenseDebate Social Marketing Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What’s the Difference? —