16,000 yen for New York and 21,000 yen for LA from Japan!!!

UPDATE (9/16 6pm JST): The ticket has sold out… the links below are no longer valid. I’ve been researching an air ticket for my travel from Japan to USA. And I found a craaaaazy travel agency. Their name is Skygate. It’s Japanese online travel agency…. And I started subscribing their newsletter. Just now, I received their newsletter…. 16,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – New York http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171599D&S1;=priceViewByGoods 21,000 !!!!!! yen Round Trip Ticket from Narita – Los Angeles! http://www.skygate.co.jp/airserv/PriceViewServlet?SkygGdsId=171602D&S1;=priceViewByGoods Well, the cheap ticket always has the restriction. New York ticket: (Product ID 171599D) CANNOT select which airline MUST leave between Sep 23-30. MUST be 5-10 days trip. CANNOT […]

My Only Worry About Japanese Politics

Last weekend, I went to vote the Japanese general election. This was my 1st time that I was able to vote the Lower House (The House of Representatives). Since I spent the most of my 20s in Los Angeles. I didn’t really get chance to vote. We had to go through a very complicated paperwork in order to vote overseas. And you had to go to Japanese Embassy or Consulate by yourself to register? Downtown LA? Too much traffic and expensive parking… And you were only able to vote the parties, not the candidiate themselves. However, from this time’s general election, we could register and vote the local candidiate according […]